this series of diesel engines have been experienced several decades of production. the engine is characteristics of reliable in quality, oil-saving, wide in parts’ matching applicable scope, high in market sharing, large in user quantity, easy in part purchasing, simple in operation, convenient in repair & maintenance. shanghai diesel engine co., ltd. after several years’ development, performed certain improvement in some aspects of this series of products, with further and continuous improvements regarding the performances, quality and more suitability, as such adoption of supercharger manufactured by joint-venture with mitsubishi of japan, thus making the engine’s      reliability further improved, with the low failure rate. all the exhaust pipes are modified as water-cooling types, and the engine, with its horsepower over 176 (6135aca3) is additionally fitted with the remote-control instrumentation and the sound-light alarm functions, its front-end is modified as 6-slot belt pulley, etc. shanghai diesel engine co., ltd., with its quality services, won the good reputations and confidences from its customers. this series of products are popular and first optional types for the most shipping people